You have discovered a life-changing Truth:

The Legal Name Fraud – It’s Illegal To Use A Legal Name.

Somebody told you about this.

Or you have seen it on a billboard.

Or you have seen a social media post.

Or someone gave you a print-out, flyer.

Or you came across a video.

Or you listened to a radio show.

And now you are here.

  The legal name fraud has been revealed.   This Truth is everywhere now.

Firstly, don’t panic!

Secondly, breathe.

Read as much as you can here and on the links provided to all the information, writings, essays, radio shows, etc.   Take your time – there is much to learn and discover.

It can be overwhelming when you realise your whole reality, to this point, has been a lie.  

So, remember,  don’t panic and breathe….

As an introduction we recommend you start by reading Babylon Is Fallen.

‘Babylon Is Fallen’ has been translated into other languages, by very kind volunteers, and can be found HERE.







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Truth requires no belief...

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